Manti Te’o’s girlfriend Lennay Kekua never really existed.
We didn’t know this.
We believed she did because of the tears, affection, and words he threw out about her.
He was on a huge stage and in front of the media and in front of cameras pleading his undying love for her.
For those of us who don’t know him, why wouldn’t we have believed him?
He talked the talk and walked the walk.
But in the end, only those closest to him were questioning if this friend was real.

The kid may have been duped.
But he obviously contributed in some ways to this fictional fantasy.
Let’s take a walk.
To the mirror.
Look in it.

We shout about our love for Christ through our tweets like we are a walking scripture machine.
We sing about our love for Him every Sunday.
We tell the world that He is our closest friend.
Everyone believes us.
But those closest to us look at us like we are nuts.
Our kids see us tweeting about Jesus but not putting our phones down to talk to them about Jesus.
Our spouses see us spitting scripture from stage yet never opening the Word of God in front of them.
The club bouncers and bartenders see us wasted on Saturday nights and then leading worship on Sunday mornings.

Lennay Kekua was no more absent in Manti Te’o’s life than The One we claim LEADS us may be absent from ours.