I have learned lots in my 10 years keeping kids alive on planet earth.
I get it wrong more than I get it right, but when I get it right, it sticks…
Here are some random thoughts for today

1. Your kids will not chase pornography. Pornography will chase them.
It’s everywhere people.  Say no to the wifi.  It’s really easy.
2. Keep your kids, kids.
It may be cute to dress them up at H&M. I do it. But don’t rob them of their childhood. Let them play in the mud in their new H&M swag.
3. Don’t pigeon hole them into believing they are just like one parent or the other.
They may lean one way but let that be just that. There is nothing worse than thinking you can’t be like one of your parents no matter hard you try.
4. Netflix isn’t a babysitter.
5. Your kids will have plenty of friends in life. They won’t have any other parents. Unless you screw up.
Be their parents first…

6. Fill in this tip in the comment section…