You can have a father like I did who prayed for me everyday I was growing up.
I struggled with porn for years of my life.

You can be the safest driver in the world.
There is only a yellow line separating you from the unsafest driver in the world.

You can be committed to preaching Jesus every Sunday and see no growth in attendance.
The church down the street that preaches more on how to get out of debt than Jesus is breaking attendance records in your city.

You can take your daughter on Daddy/Daughter dates every week till she is 16.
You are still no threat to the charismatic charmer who will woo your daughter with texts and charm.

You can pray for your spouse everyday for years.
They still may leave with that other person.

You can be the most gifted songwriter on the planet.
You will get passed over every time for the one who shows a bit more leg.

You can eat healthy and exercise everyday of your adult life.
Cancer doesn’t care when it hits at 40.

You see we are only in control on one thing.
Whats that thing?
That thing is called NOW.
You aren’t in control of what will happen in 5 minutes.
But you are in control of what will happen right NOW.

So when this broken world decides to show you how broken it is…
Choose NOW instead of Then or When.

Because Then is dead and When may not happen.
But NOW is here and so are you.
It’s better that way.