Gary Coleman’s dimples gave him a great start.
BlockBuster Video Stores gave them a great start.
The beautiful stained glass windows in many of the 500 year old churches I see walking around England gave them a great start.

But somewhere between their sweet start and maturation something happened.
There was a disconnect in what worked when they began and what would work in their adult life.

Gary Coleman’s dimples couldn’t keep him from financial despair and suicidal attempts in the late 90’s/
BlockBuster Video’s sweet isles of “New Releases” couldn’t keep 95% of their stores from closing down.
The beautiful stained glass windows in these churches couldn’t keep them from going from the IT CHURCHES in the community to £3.00 museums.

Your personal woo factor.
Your business sweet spot.
Your church’s IT factor.

ALL of this will soon, SOON, go away.
So you MUST prepare to transition or meet a certain death.

What are some fads, trends, or sweet spots that you see could be the end of certain local churches or businesses?