In a society where people are now making art for the sake of fame as opposed to for the sake of art, this is the most refreshing documentary trailer I’ve seen in years.
So many of us are pushed through the funnel of social media to create art for the sake of likes.

I’m sure if she thought she could make a living at it, she would have.
But instead her art died with her.
I think it’s ok to create art for others to enjoy.
But if the art is created out of a need for self worth, then it becomes an oppressing art and not redeeming art.
So in honor of not letting our art die with us…
Fill us in on your secret art.
What are you not telling us?
What’s in your secret art trunk?
Here is my scret.
I’ll never put David Blain out of business…
But I’ll blow your mind with some close up magic.
There. My secret is revealed.
I’m a magician.
How about you?
What is your closet craft?