This weekend I led worship at Potential Church. There were 342432342 lights on stage 6 latinos and 1 gringo.
It was a blast.
I have found a new church home away from home.
God is dripping out of every corner of that church.
I remember looking out during the 1030 service and seeing this 30something year old bald guy with his arms crossed and a snarl on his face.
He had the body of a greek god and was not into the music.
At all.
After the service he walked unto my merch table and said…
“Hey man. That was amazing. Thanks for leading us like that.”
He bought my album and walked away.

1. Raised hands don’t mean someone is worshipping, they could be stretching.
2. Your job as the worship leader is NOT to be a cheerleader at a pep rally. Just because you are excited to be standing on a stage behind a microphone doesn’t mean the people walking into the church are excited to be standing in rows and singing in front of a bunch of strangers…
3. If you are truly having services for people far from God to find God, then why would they sing loudly? That would be like asking me to get excited listening to a Mumford & Sons album. I have yet to be convinced their music is life changing. Maybe when I finally do, I’ll sing along.

Now. Go find another 10,000 reasons for your heart to sing…
But don’t expect Joe in the third row to be reason 10,001.
Lead. Don’t pull.