I’ve had this mantra‚Ķ
“To disturb and disrupt the career Christian for the sake of seeing Christ’s face fresh again.”
There are a few ragamuffins that actually pull this off on a consistence basis.
Daniel Bashta is one.
Me and him met a few weeks ago and recorded an amazing conversation.
Unfortunately, Google Hangout destroyed our conversation.
But fortunately…
I remember it.
Let me introduce you to Daniel’s new record.
It is called The Invisible and it does exactly what I told you Daniel does.
It disturbs and disrupts.
Daniel told me that it was amazing to see what God did with his song Like A Lion and continues to stand in amazement.
Yet this new record brings out the dad in Daniel.
Now a father you can honestly see lyrics rushing out of a man who now knows what it is like to have a child.
I hope you guys check it out and I hope that you guys give it the listen that it deserves!
Want Hope? This is for you…

Buy it HERE!!!