Dreams are fantastic.
They allow us to chase what we feel would be an existence better than the one we currently reside in.
And sometimes, when we finally reach our so called “dreams”, we actually do sip mai tai’s on the beach and are able to breathe a sigh of relief.
Unfortunately, that is not normally the case.
Here is the reason.
When a dream is based solely around YOU and YOUR ability to FEEL fantastic, well, it will NEVER happen.
The circle goes like this…
Kid wants to be in an indie band. Kid forms amazing indie band. Indie band wants record deal. Indie band gets signed to huge record deal. Huge record label band prays to be an indie band again.

This happens in all areas of life.
Business, music, writing, church, leadership, blah blah blah.

Here is the secret to you being content in achieving your dreams.
If your dream isn’t based on JESUS alone, it will never satisfy.
It won’t.
I promise.
I have good friends that are helping people chase dreams.
My buddy Jon Acuff is helping me and my friends QUIT and START.
My friend Ben Arment is helping people through a year long coaching network called Dream Year.
Today alone I have seen 3 new conferences launch with the goal of creating a more fulfilling existence.
These things will always help because people will always want MORE fulfillment than they currently have.
And that is because people’s dreams normally are based on self and not JESUS.
When Jesus becomes the absolute center of what you need, want, and desire…
At that point, and only then, will you truly be chasing a dream that will fulfill you.

Stop chasing dreams and start being with Jesus.
It’s better that way…