So earlier this week I got called a nigger.
Later that day I get this text from my dad…

This is a text from a man who lived through more racism in a week than I have my whole life.

The truth of the matter is that man is replacing the identity Christ created him to have with something else.
That is all racism is.
It’s replacing the void that Christ should fill with pride.
I started thinking a bit more.
Social media does this exact same thing.
It’s not as ugly as racism.
It’s not as extreme as racism.
But… it does the same thing.
We replace thew void that Christ is supposed to fill with likes, follows, retweets, filters, and page views.

Now hear me.
The man who called me a nigger, he did an awful thing.
He intentionally wounded me in the parking lot of that MAPCO.
I think it is despicable.
But I also know that his sin is no worse than mine.
His desire is no different than mine.
It is to be known.
It is to be lifted high.
Oh how ironic is that our greatest human desire is the complete opposite of what our life goal should be.
To glorify and make famous the name of Jesus.

So today, as you look at the void in your chest…
Remember a retweet can’t fill it.
Only the fact that Jesus let a few soldiers drive stakes through his limbs and forgiveness fell upon man.
Extend that forgiveness to those who wound you today…
And watch the void inside your chest fill back up with HOPE and not SELF.
It’s better that way…