1.  Worship Leaders are not Dentists.

Quit having people open their mouths while you try and pull something out of their mouths they don’t want you to pull out in the first place.

2.  Worship Leaders are not Cheerleaders.

If you want to cheerlead grab some pom pons and go all out.  But don’t do it half way.  Your excitement for the Lord will either translate into people wanting what you have or not.  Let the Holy Spirit do the work and stop “Rah Rah Ree. Kick Em In The Knee”

3.  Worship Leaders are not American Idol Contestants.

Well actually I take that back.  I feel like EVERY season has at least 5 worship leaders.

I meant to say Sunday is not the American Idol stage.  Your vocal run is gonna run the participation right out the building.  Keep It Simple Whitney.


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Worship Leaders Are NOT…