F*ck Up - Labels Lie

I’m releasing a record a week from today.
I’m going to be tweeting about it and Facebooking about it and begging all of you to do the same.
Because I poured blood sweat and tears into this record and during the making of it I almost lost it all.
My marriage.
My faith.
My health.
My sanity.
My friendships.
My community.
The Fight.
And while standing on the edge of darkness, I knew, I knew one thing…
“Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” – Hebrews 13:5
It didn’t make sense.
Cause He was gone.
HE was no where close.
The echoes of my cries into the abyss of my sin and shame went on forever.
And it was only after I stopped screaming.
Only after I stopped sobbing and slowed the pace of my breathing down did I hear the whisper.
“Im am here. I am yours. You are Mine.”
Right there where I was.
Right there where you are.
Right now.
In the middle of your anorexia.
In the middle of your emotional affair.
In the middle of your drunken rage.
In the middle of your embezzlement schemes.
In the middle of your slander.
In the middle of your night with that prostitute.
In the middle of your prescription med addiction.
He whispers…
“I am here. I am yours. You are Mine”

So just know…
Whatever the sin of last Wednesday night held…
The sin of last Friday morning brought…
HE will NEVER leave you or forsake you.
And never means…
Walk in that today ragamuffins…
And then walk with Him and not in front of Him.
And don’t accept the labels the world places on you.
You are sons and daughters of a KING!!!
It’s better that way.

What label has the world placed on you?