The image above is a once in a lifetime shot.
This is what many pastors tell us salvation looks like.
I’m screwed then.
Cause mine didn’t look like that.
Mine looks more like the process of an oak tree growing from seedling to adult.
I feel like the process of my salvation is continuing.
Sure I feel that if I die right now, I’m going to heaven.
But if that is the point of Salvation, then am I done?

Before the theology police pull out their massive weapons…
Hear me out.
I gave my life to Jesus 11 times growing up.
From 8 years old to 21 I walked the isle, raised my hand, or prayed the “prayer” 11 times.
I don’t think it was the first time.
I don’t think it was the last time.
I think it was all the times.
As sure as I am that a prayer can’t save you, I’m also sure that God can.
And does.
It’s just that as I’m teaching my kids about what it means to follow Jesus, heaven and hell hasn’t appeared in the conversation once.
Praying a prayer hasn’t appeared in the conversation once.
Living a lifestyle of obedience and following the ways of Jesus on the other hand, daily.
Am I scared that my kids haven’t had the eject out of airplane moment yet?
Not at all.
I think it can look like that.
But I think it is not the norm.
And we need to be careful to not measure Sunday Salvations with hands raised…
And instead measure Sunday Salvations with communities changed.
Numbers are important.
Numbers are People, Souls, Heartbeats.
But if nothing is changing inside the heartbeat of your church and community because prayers were prayed…
Maybe it’s time for a new measurement.