For some reason we hold onto the belief that when our kids see us working hard, slaving away hours, bring home the bacon, that they know we are doing it because we love them.
Hey you. Answer the dummy phone. I’m calling you.
Not only do they not believe we are doing it for them, they believe we are doing it because we like IT more than THEM.
You can say “Mommy has to go to work because we gotta pay the bills.” all you want.
All they will hear is “See ya!”
So, since we know this is true…
Here are 3 sure fire ways to make sure your kids remember They>EverythingElse

  • Hug, Wrestle, Touch, Spoon, Hold
  • One Date A Week
  • Don’t Steal Their Moment

1. Hug, Wrestle, Touch, Spoon, Hold
Talk is cheap. Actions are expensive.
Hold your daughters AND your sons.
When they start sprouting boobs, don’t stop holding and spooning them.
When your boys start growing hair on their legs, don’t stop kissing them or wrestling.
Healthy touch leads to healthy lives.

2. One Date A Week
One of the biggest frustrations I have is that for most people Date = $
I ran into this problem early in dating my daughters.
Before I knew it a “date” meant going to Starbucks, Baskin Robbins, or the mall.
Screwed that one up.
Teach them that a date means being together.
In the backyard.
At the park.
Wrestling for 10 minutes.
Literally 10 minutes of wrestling bring 5 days of smiles.
Oh. And dads. Date your sons too.
Teach them how to treat a lady.

3.Don’t Steal Their Moment
My wife always tells me…”I want to go on a date with you. Not 27,000 people.
Leave us in the backpack when it’s time to spend time with your kids.
Yes we like the cute pics and stuff.
But I try, and TRY is the key word, to let the moment be the moment.
Don’t steal the moment from them and give it to us.
After it’s over, feel free. But not until there is space so that they don’t think you are using Them. For. Us.

It’s better that way…