Worship Leaders vs. Cover Band Singers.
They are different you know.
One is not better than the other.
But they serve different purposes.
So I think I have come up with a list of questions that can help you figure out what you have at your church or what your church culture is raising up.

Have you ever heard them talk about Jesus offstage? Like ever?
Do they smile bigger during the opening cover song than they do during the worship set?
Have you ever seen them live like Jesus offstage? Like ever?
Does anybody willingly follow them during the week?
Who would be more impressed at the end of a worship service? Simon Cowell or Jesus Christ?

Just a few questions to get you headed in the right direction or turn around a ship that is headed in the wrong one.
Now go be Jesus and show how He has changed your life offstage.
Then maybe they’ll believe you when you sing about Him on stage.