Stay with me.
I had a worship leader buddy of mine say he got offended when his pastor asked him to go on a “shopping trip” of sorts to update his wardrobe. I got miffed too. Basically challenging the style of my boy. Then that got my noodle spinning.
Maybe it is important? Maybe style and wardrobe matters? Wait?!?!? No. All that matters is THE HEART of the worship leader!!! Right? Well. Yea. You have to have that. But there is more. I think. To a point.

Why do I spend more time than my wife at Forever 21? Because I am trying to find what looks best on my disproportional body. The skinnier I get, the more rock star I get. When I was fat, I hid behind my frumpy clothes. But let me be BRUTALLY honest here.
As I was getting bigger, almost 40 lbs ago, I had my health as goal number one.
But close behind was that nobody wants to look at someone on stage who jumps up and down during the bridge of that hype song and see their belly following 1/2 a second behind every jump.
Nor do they want to look at someone on stage who looks like they pulled their wardrobe out of 1995 and looks like they don’t give a rat’s back end about their appearance.
And I know plenty of hot “not skinny” people.
So I’m not even talking about weight.

I KNOW there is all sorts of selfish crap involved in my mind. So don’t go waving the bible at me. I do read it. I promise.
But I do often wonder. Is it OK for a pastor to ask his staff to look “Hot”…“Attractive”?
I have seen TONS of churches spend thousands of dollars on a website that makes them look like the hippest, vibey church on the block, only to arrive and see this guy preaching with the church logo embroidered on his denim button up.
I say, if you are going to market yourselves as hip, be hip.
If not, wear the church logo on your denim.

As I write this I think it leans towards appropriate for your demographic.
Even the hottest most in style whatever wouldn’t work at a podunk church in the country.
Or the hipster wouldn’t work at megachurch in the suburbs.
After removing all the sin and selfishness off my post and you stare at the guts of it…
What do you think?