There is this church.
It is a rapidly growing church in Los Angeles.
It makes Nashville Eastside Hipsters beg for mercy it’s so hipster.
Everything seems normal until the band starts playing.
Then the huge screen behind the band lights up to project the lyrics and the band becomes silhouettes.
Not for a moment…Not for a song…For the entire set.
I never knew who the worship leader was.
I never saw what the guitar player looked like.

For me it accomplished a few things.
1. It made me focus on the lyrics of the songs and not the band.
Which I think was the point.
2. It bored me because I think I’m simply programmed by society for more.
This is neither good nor bad. It just is.
3. It made me wonder why the preacher was not silhouetted.

I’d love your thoughts ragamuffins!!!