I’ve got kids.
We homeschool them.
Keds. Denim Jumpers. The whole shabang.
But if they did go to a public school.
It would be whatever public school this lady was teaching at.
Because I want teachers who don’t just say what the right thing to do is…
But DO the right thing.
And this lady, Carie Charlesworth, was beaten by her husband, so she left him.
That’s who I want to teach my kids.
But the school fired her because they are scared he may do something cray to her at the school.

This is ridiculous.
I have an idea!!!
How about keeping everyone with cray relatives out of our schools!!!???
Oh what’s that?
Then no one could go to school?
That’s right.

There has to be a better way.
Now not only did this abuser get to beat his family physically, and emotionally…
Now he gets to beat them financially and virtually.
He wins Catholic school.
You gave him the end of the fight decision…