Leadership is a funny thing.
It is this thing that so many pastors and ministers aim for on a daily basis.
I have the privilege of being involved in what I consider the greatest leadership event in the world with Catalyst. This October there will be over 12,000 leaders gathered in Atlanta to draw from some of the greatest leaders in the world.

There will be iPads and moleskins all over the arena.
Faces will be illuminated by their LCDs and notes will be scribbled and pecked out at a furious pace. Reason being, they see successful organizations and ministries and they want to put into practice what these leaders are doing.

I think there are a few practices on the consumers part that could make their experience in these sort of events a much better one.

1. Realize that those on stage are giving you a picture of a perfect day for them.
Remember your wedding day? Your husband or wife looked as hot as they will look for a long time on that day. The hair. The makeup. The diet. All for that day. And they were beautiful. But not everyday is your wedding day. And not everyday looks like that sermon the speaker just gave you. In all actuality, most days are not that sermon or 5 steps to church growth. They did not follow those 5 steps in order to get to where they are. It was a lot uglier than that. And the mess you are in won’t be solved by a sermon or message.So take it all with a grain of salt, or sugar, or pepper.

2. That song that Kari Jobe led. You know the one where 12.000 people sang at the top of their lungs and the Holy Spirit just about blew your heart out of your chest? When your worship leader leads it the next Sunday in your church and only 5 people sing it, it’s ok. 12,000 tired leaders in a room desperate for a refreshing should never be the bar to compare the musical worship on your typical Sunday morning. There is a reason Brad and the team don’t do this every week.

Getting to sit on the inside of what happens at events like Catalyst and such I thought I would give you a heads up as to how to make the most out of your experience.  Because this event changes the lives of thousands and with the right framework on your part could change thousands more!

This year’s event will focus on the theme of KNOWN: leading from who you are. When you lead authentically, with an inner confidence birthed by your Creator, when you are willing to be true and vulnerable before God and others, you become a leader without pretense. A leader worth following.

So now what?!!!
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