This is taken from Skye Jethani’sThe Divine Commodity” which is required reading for any Ragamuffin.

“In 1990 approximately 20% the population (of America) attended church on any given weekend. By 2004 the figure had dropped to 17%. If the trend continues, by 2050 only 11% of Americans will attend church. Although megachurches have multiplied across the fruited plains, the numbers show that Christianity in America has been consolidating and not exploding”.

Now hear me.
I love my “megachurch”.
But in 2050, when I’m old and wrinkly, I want my grand kids to see the hope of glory and the beauty of His bride.
The Church.
Perry Noble said something at Unleash in reference to denominations shrinking. Something akin to if it were their money that was shrinking, there would be a strategy in place to fix it yesterday.
That is some truth spittin’ double slap right there.
The “Church” is shrinking.
Some of our “churches” are not.
So instead of feeling comfortable about our local church growth, I think we need to step back and take a look from the roof of your local town hall.
Holy crap.  The church in America is dying.

At what point does one sacrifice the success of one’s local church in order to spur the existence of His global Church?