Worship leader transitions into 3rd song…
“You stood before creation…”
The dude in the third row is thinking…
“Mother…Jeeeeeezzzz. This song again? Now everybody is gonna judge me cause I’m not gonna lift my arms during the I’ll stand with arms high and heart abandoned part. Ugh. I hate this song.”

Worship leader gets to said part…
1/3 of the crowd, if worship leader is lucky, raises their arms.
1/3 of crowd smiles at worship leader with the gentle assurance that they are still worshipping lest they be judged.
1/3 of crowd is sipping on their church coffee shop latte and death staring the worship leader with a look that says… “Don’t freaking tell me what to do”.

Do what you do.  To each his own. I honestly am not much of an arm lifter when I’m just in the crowd.  I’m more of a side stepping Dub Stepper.
But I do often wonder about my RagamuffinSoul readers…
Which one are you?
An Arm Lifter?
A Hand Lifter?
A Latte Lifter?