*These are my opinions in a rather shotgun style*

1. Small Groups are a reaction from the local church to the lack of organic community within their walls.
2. The actual church “building” creates a limit as to how large the church can grow.
3. The actual church “building” dictates how most churches do ministry.
4. Most people who attend church do so with little if any of their true lives being shared.
5. Relational Depth can only be achieved my the willingness of the loudest person in the room to silence themselves.

All these are the nuggets that are floating in my head right now.
Because I’m wondering something.

People email me all the time telling me that Ragamuffin Soul is “their church”.
At first I resisted this and told them to go find one.
But I know they have not.
And they are here everyday.
Sharing more than they have in any church building their entire lives.

I look at the above opinions on the American Church and see those issues not existing online.

1. Organic community is what has to happen in order for online tribes to foster.
2. Walls are gone.
3. Walls are gone.
4. The anonymity of an online tribe gives people a feeling that they can be instantly vulnerable and speed up the loss of anonymity.
5. You can skip a screamer in a comment section or chat room. I can’t do that in an offline small group.

So as I process these things…I wonder.
What would a focused church that exists solely online look like?
I have no idea.
Is this something that is even possible?
I think so.
No. I know so.

What do you guys think about this stuff?
Do you even think about this stuff?