I drink beer because it relaxes me.
I could tell you I’m a beer taste aficionado or that I love the way it tastes.
To be honest, I have acquired a taste for it.
But if I was at dinner, and I was thirsty, I’d rather a glass of ice water or a freaking jug of soccer mom gatorade to quench my thirst.
Beer gives me a buzz.
I’m not drinking Odoul’s people.
I’m assuming that most believers who partake in the zippy zippy also do it because they get buzzed.
Or kinda drunk.
Or kinda sober.
Or, oh crap.

I wish Jesus had a breathalyzer in his pocket that night he made that really nice wine.
And it was wine people.

Then we could see how buzzed/drunk the people at the wedding got off His gift that filled over 6 vats.
Then I could drink and not have to wonder…
Is one more drunk?
I mean last week, I KNOW I got “legally” drunk but I “felt” fine.
I was at home with my wife and friends.
But I had a headache in the morning.
So I think that meant I was hungover.
Or maybe it was the Holy Spirit.
No. Probably one too many Stella’s.

So all this to say…
What are your thoughts on not DRINKING per sé…
But That Really Nice Feeling You Get When You Drink?