5 years ago. 5 years ago I heard Jon Tyson give a talk to a bunch of church staff who all worked for churches with Alpha male pastors.
It still blows my mind…
Some thoughts that still float around in my head…

The church with an Alpha male leading it is setting itself up for failure because the only person that can replace that leader when it is time is someone with equal qualities.
A 10 replacing a 10.
Therefore we need not build churches around great communicators but around a few different pastoral leaders with different giftings.

MegaChurch pastor X steps down as Alpha male leader.
Hires 3 AMAZING communicators.
All resign after a while because they are only great. Not pastor X.  Not enough swag.
Pastor X now must resumes Alpha male role.

One pastor speaking to many video venues sets a church up for this.
It works. But it relies on one single personality.
So the main point is that there MUST be a rethinking of the current church model that is sweeping evangelical America.

But this is something that needs chewing and talking about. Out loud.