I’m that guy who shaves his head because he is balding.
I’m that guy who wears tight shirts because they make him look like he has muscles… until he see a picture, then he knows he’s just fat.
I’m that guy who struggles being real with himself, others, and God.
I’m that guy who almost lost his wife to a stupid a while ago.
I’m that guy who could lose his wife at any moment if he thinks he’s beyond a stupid mistake.
I’m that guy who hears all the time how arrogant and stuck on himself he is.
I’m that guy that wants to walk up to those smack talkers and punch them in the face right after he tells them how lame their relationships really are.
I’m that guy who loves his stats because he feels like it means he is important.
I’m that guy who loves to wash the dishes so he can try and hide from his wife that he knows how miserable his display of affection really is.
I’m that guy who spends 3000 dollars for a guitar then makes you feel bad for not sponsoring a kid from Compassion International.
I’m that guy who lives on the edge of information addiction on a daily basis.
I’m that guy who talks smack about those who are more intelligent than him.
I’m that guy who get pissed off when he sees people get used then asks his wife for a “favor” when he feels like it.
I’m that guy who over promises and under delivers.
I’m that guy who talks big about commitment to the local church yet forgets to say thank you to his volunteers.
I’m that guy who knows you really don’t look like you do in all your pictures because you pout your lips and take them from above angles.
I’m that guy who never smiles in his pictures without opening his mouth wide because his dimples make his face look fat.
I’m that guy who deleted this post 3 times but copied it to his clipboard because he knew he had to post it.

But you know what?
More than all of this.
I’m a guy who is going to continue to let God use him in spite of all that $hizz.
Because in spite of all that crap…God is using me and is only just beginning.

When are you going to stop waiting until you are out of your sinfest and let God use you in the midst of your arrogant and sinful chaos?
Get over yourself.
It’s better that way.