So The Oxygen Network has a new reality show destined to lift up the American Church in the eyes of the world.
Or maybe not.
May I introduce you to Preachers Of LA.

Now. Let’s have a little bit of a discussion.
I’ve worked in all sorts of churches.
Little ones and big ones.
I’ve worked for pastors who drive nice cars and ones that drive junkers.
I actually could care less WHAT kind of car you drive.
It’s the attitude that disturbs me.

I’m saving up for an El Camino.
So I can roll East LA in East Nasty.
And I’m gonna trick that pony up.

But this trailer is actually a bit nauseating for me.
Because it’s confusing.
In once scene it’s pretty much a 2Chainz video and in the next it’s leading someone to Christ. (I placed that link in there for you mom)
I think if you chase Jesus, honestly, it’s impossible for it to be about YOU anymore.
And we are dangerously close in many churches I see, to elevating our pastors past pastor and into idol status.

I don’t know any of these pastors.
They don’t know me.
They seem like they are probably fantastic humans with flawed theology.  Kinda like me.  🙂
I’d probably be friends with that one skinny divorced fashion diva dude.
I just think this is a bad idea all the way around.
Now it’s your turn…

Pastors and Their Fancy Cars/Houses/Watches…