I look at the life of Jesus.
I look at his discipleship structure.
I look at His church growth strategy.

If we were to compare his “strategy” to todays “strategy” He would be the most inefficient minister on the planet.
But why did He choose this way?
Because a strategy of chaotic clusters bridged much stronger relationships than a strategy of safe circles.

Let me explain.

I’ve done small groups and Sunday school my entire life.
Yes I’ve formed some great relationships.

Last week I was in British Columbia with what could be considered mostly strangers.
We jumped off cliffs together.
We climbed through forests together.
We cried on balconies together.
We did many things together.
But sitting in circles talking about Jesus was probably 1/100th of what we did.
And in 3 short days we are closer than most I have sat in circles with for 7 month stretches at a time.

Which confuses me as to how sitting in circles is the solution to “community” in church today.
Heck, I think the main problem is the SITTING part.

So instead of sitting…
Get up, walk out the door, and DO something with your people and watch your “community group” explode overnight into a tribe that is forever linked.

What’s been your experience on true community and how it’s built?

[I’ve obviously been hanging with BOB and DON.  Thank God for friends who continually disturb and disrupt my life]