It’s one of the churches dirty little secrets.
Staff and leaders and members who struggle with depression and anxiety.
If I were a betting man, and I am, I would bet the number of church leaders in America who struggle with this is at least 70%.
What does it feel like and how do you battle through it?
And I’m not thinking we are going to have 100 comments on this one.
It’s hard to admit to have struggled with this stuff.

If you want to know what it feels like for me, read on…
My face tingles.
My breath is shallow.
My limbs are a bit numb.
My heart feels like it is beating at half the pace it normally does.
Kisses from my kids do nothing to move me.
I lay there looking at the ceiling wanting to pull the covers back over my head.
But I can’t.
Because I have to pay the electric bill by Friday or they will shut it off.
The electric company doesn’t care about my anxiety/depression.
I roll over and give myself a pep talk.
“Get up Carlos. Just get up”
When I stand I’m a bit dizzy.
I know by the kind of “dizzy” I feel that it will stay with me the remainder of the day.
Maybe two.
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So let me tell you Ragamuffins…
You’re NOT alone.
What does depression feel like for you???