Following my post on how waking up before 5am has changed my life I got lot’s of questions on how, a lazy bum like me, could pull that off.
It hasn’t been easy…FOR SURE, but here are some tips and tricks on how I’ve pulled it off.

1. Start small.
If you wake up just in time to start chasing the day, don’t go Clark Kent on us and set your alarm for 5 if you normally wake up at 9. I started with 15 minute segments.
Just like running a marathon people.
Train up to it.
It took me a week to go from 9 to 8. Then another to go from 8 to 7 and so on.
Start small or you will never break the cycle.

2. Silent Alarms

This is my FitBit Flex. It does many amazing things. But the most amazing in my book?
It wakes me up without waking up the sleeping beauty next to me.
Because whenever my iPhone would BLARE and HONK at 4:45am, the sleeping beauty would turn into a man eating monster.
The Fitbit Flex has a silent alarm that vibrates on your wrist to wake you. So you are the only one that wakes up. That is unless you sleep with your partner in a headlock.
In that case you’re still screwed.

3. Bedtime
This was the hardest.
Again I felt like I would get so much done in the middle of the night when the world was sleeping.
Well. I still get so much done while the world is sleeping. Just on the other end of their sleep.
Sure I’m sacrificing seeing Jen Hatmaker’s tweets during award shows.
Sure, I’m missing live tweeting The Bachelorette.
Sacrifices people.
I PROMISE YOU that the productivity in the morning will dwarf your productivity in the evening…
For me I need to be SLEEPING by 10:30pm. That means finish CandyCrush by 10:00pm.
And once you start waking up at 4:50am…
I promise this won’t even be difficult. ZZZZzzzzzz

4. Stop Sleeping With The Enemy.
There are many studies that go into the bad juju energy from our phones pump into our bodies.
But thats not even my concern.
My concern is our addiction to a false sense of connection.
I used to sleep with my phone under my pillow.
The last thing I would do before sleeping was check email/twitter.
The first thing I would do when I woke up was check email/twitter.
Charge your phone in another room.
Read a freaking book.
Instagram will be there in the morning.

5. Dip into your OCD.
If any of you know me you know I fly by the seat of my pants.
I don’t have a drop of OCD in me.

So I have to borrow from my friend Eric.
I used to walk into his dorm room in college and move a pencil an inch to the left on his desk…
Within the next 30 minutes I’d find it back an inch to the right.

I don’t book hotels till 2 hours before I need to sleep.
I don’t need to be organized to feel better about life.
I found that the first few mornings I was up early I WASTED at least 30 minutes finding crap in the dark.
So now, I iron the night before. (Yes I iron now. I wear button up shirts. I’m almost 40 for the love…)
I set my workout clothes by the front door so I don’t wake up Heather while looking for my shoes.
I brush my teeth in the front bathroom.
I have my laptop and phone packed and by the front door as well.
I have a bottle of ice water in the fridge.
Now when I wake up I get to walk straight to the front door, place my clothing on my bod, (I’ve been wanting to call my body a bod for so long but was too fat to do it) and that’s it. I’m ready to walk out the door.

So there you have it friends.
5 steps to becoming a morning person.
I’d love to hear what you do to pull this off.
Bedtimes…routines…what helps.
Share in the comment section!!!