1. Make sure you have one friend who uses F*CKING as a normal adjective.
“Hey man. That was one hard F*CKING workout”
“You guys want to go to F*CKING lunch?”
“That was a great F*CKING episode of of The Voice”
I mean, I’m sure you have a friend that says FREAKING all the time.
It’s just the Christian version.
But I like to limit it to just one. Cause I can’t handle 2. No really. I’m such a freaking cussing rookie.
See what I did there?

2. Have a group of people you regularly hang out with that don’t go to church.
A group is different than a person.
So for you this may take work.
Join a soccer league.
Join a knitting club.
I don’t care. Just make sure you are hanging out regularly in a group where you are the minority when it comes to your beliefs.

3. Make sure you have one close friend who when you say, “I just downloaded the new Chris Tomlin record”, they look at you with a blank stare and say…”Who?”

4. Stop listening to only Christian music
I’m gonna get raked across the coals for this one, but I stand behind it.
Yes, I believe you should guard what you are putting into your dome.
I stopped listening to Jay-Z on a daily basis because I was pretty much getting numb to hearing him call women “b*tches”.
I do go to his concerts.
I do own his newest record.
Because he has some REALLY good songs.
I mean listen, if Mumford is as far away from Christian music as you can stomach, take some pepto and go to Lollapalooza. You will like what you hear. And I promise you the devil doesn’t own music. God does. And He is in more of it that you know.

5. For the love of all things good and holy, STOP USING THE WORD SECULAR FOR EVERYTHING.
I don’t believe in Christian art and secular art.
I believe in art.
I didn’t eat a secular lunch yesterday just because I went to Wendy’s instead of Chick-Fil-A.
The only thing that can be “Christian” is a human. Sorry. Not even your pets.
Well. Unless it’s a dog. Cause cats are going to hell. Every one of them. Except my cat Riggins.

As I look back on my life… as I’m approaching 40… There is something that really bothers me.
It’s the fact that I spent more time with people who look, act, and live like me than anyone else.
And in the end, this creates a calloused life.
A life filled with safe and cautious as opposed to risk and adventure.
As one who seeks to disturb and disrupt career Christians for the sake of seeing Christ’s face fresh again… I have to consistently challenge my status quo.
And getting out of your Christian bubble will turn your world upside-down and actually strengthen your reliance on Christ alone.

Talk to me ragamuffins…