1.  “I’m not going in until I hear the first song start. Then I’ll decide if I have 5 more minutes out here or not.”

2.  “Avoid bulletin greeters like mall cart workers cause they already gave me 3.”

3.  “If I look at the pastor wrong will his Secret Service pounce on me immediately or after I walk away?”

4.  “FindSomeoneIKnowFindSomeoneIKnowFindSomeoneIKnowFindSomeoneIKnow”

5.  “Woah. Their twitter icon looks A LOT better than their real face”

6.  “Sweet!  An ATM machine.  Wait.  Oh.  Crap.  This thing takes your money instead.”

7.  “You want me to PAY for Christian coffee?  Shouldn’t you just GIVE it to me free?”

8.  “Welp.  Looks like 50% of everyone in here went to Forever21 this week.”

9.  “Oh wow.  Brandi didn’t even wave back at me. Did I do something wrong?  Is she mad?  Did she not see me? She probably hates me.”

Lobby Thoughts…