There is a sarcastic / negative / coup type feeling that is invading conversations on church.
Yesterdays post brought out those who are convinced big production needs to be gone.
I’m not saying that.
Things run their course.
What I AM saying is that things are shifting regardless of our feelings.
After the post I tweeted…

Because I honestly believe that.
I know how to do Complex Church Sundays and I know how to do that REALLY well.
It’s how I’ve done it for years.
I LIKE doing it that way.
I DON’T know how to do simple church very well.
So I sit with pastors and leaders who KNOW how so I can still contribute as she changes shape.
People want to join movements that are built on Hope and not Frustration.
Last I heard we need to be moving because of people who need Good News.
Not necessarily by spilling all your Bad News.
We need to quit complaining and start living.
We’ll get more done that way.