If you are OOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLDDDDDDD School Ragamuffinsoul.com readers you will remember the relatively successful Ragamuffin Soulcast where I discussed all things worship leading in the local church.

Well.  It’s time to do this junk again.  Since 2007 (The last Ragamuffinsoulcast) I have been blessed to be able to branch out in my skill set and experience and well, now we have the Pew Party Podcast.  A podcast on the current trends and culture within the church, her people, and her leaders. It’s A Party In The Pew

From working on the leadership team as the Service Programming Director at Buckhead Church of Northpoint Ministries, to my time on the creative/programming team with Catalyst Conferences… I have seen it all and I get to see it all.

On a weekly basis I am in some of the most innovative churches in America and get to have some of the most amazing conversations with friends in and around these churches.

ALSO, I am VERY involved with friends who don’t even wake up on Sundays.  They have church in bars, on park benches, and on the subway.

This show isn’t about culture in a certain type of church.  It is about the current culture of THE CHURCH.  And it’s gonna be fun.
So here is the deal. Go ahead and tweet, facebook, and give the Pew Party Podcast some love and let’s see what happens…
Even if it’s just my aunt Nancy that listens, I like to talk so I’m about to do lots of it.
I just released the intro episode that you can pick up on iTunes HERE…
Go ahead and download it and get ready for some irreverent fun.

Questions for you guys…
Who would you love to have interviewed?
What sort of things need to be discussed?
And how long is the perfect podcast for your ears?
Love ya!


[The Show Description in iTunes won’t change for a couple of days so it’s still the old RagamuffinSoulCast description]