1. “Awe man. I like the other worship leader better…”
2. “She/He ALWAYS sits right here? Why are they not here? Ugh. Why did I even come to church?”
3. “What is the worship leader pointing at? All I see is the roof?”
4. “3…2…1… CameraShootsUpTheNeckOfTheGuitarNowGo!!!”
5. “Ugh. She asked me to lift my hands. No. I’m not gonna do it.”
6. “Wow. Like 75% of the people in here are lifting their hands. OK. I give in.”
7. Immediately after worship leader screams “Are you guys excited to be here this morning??!!!!!” and immediately after 2 people clap and kinda yelp…”whoop”… they think…”It’s early man. Relax.”
8. “She REALLY needs to not bounce like that…”
9. “I. Seriously. Don’t. Know. Any. Of. These. Songs.”
10. “I don’t care what the live record sounds like. I’m not gonna WOOOOOOOAAAAAHHHH.”

Any others?