Hey buddy.
It’s me. Or you. Whatever. We did it. And holy crap. We barely did it.
What the? How did we end up here?
I don’t know. But we did.
You are 39 and 364 days. In other words… Tomorrow you turn 40.
So on this last day of your 30’s I wanna remind you of a few things you’ve figured out the first 39 years of life.

1. Stop chasing your dream. By the time you are 6 feet under, no one will remember how hard you chased, they will only remember if you LIVED your dream. Stop chasing the dream and start living it.
2. WebMD never diagnosed you. It only turned you into a hypochondriac.
3. Don’t smile a little more. Smile all the time. It changes you and those around you.
4. “They” aren’t even thinking about you right now. So quit trying to please “them”.
5. Live your life or your life will live you.
6. The feeling she gives you when she looks at you that way…it’s the same feeling your wife used to give you before she knew your junk. Don’t give in. Don’t do it. It’s not real and it’s not worth it.
7. You’ve cracked every iPhone you’ve had since the original. Buy an otter box and accept your lameness.
8. Quit drinking your coffee black. You know you hate it and it’s just not worth it. Cream and sugar baby.
9. Life is too big for a bucket.  Screw the bucket list.  No bucket can hold everything you can pull off.
10. Being > Hustling
11. Counseling Counseling Counseling.  You can’t see the truth of the forest fire while you are in the forest.  You have to be able to see the entire forest.
12. The truth will set you free. Stop lying.
13. Call your mom more.  You are 7 years away from wishing your 11 year old called you everyday.
14. Honor isn’t something you deserve. It’s something you gain.
15. God created mornings to for our eyes to be open and nights for them to be shut.
Stop being a night owl and wake your ass up. Everything changes.
16. Stop worrying if people judge you for saying ass.
17. You’re kids aren’t your social media puppets. They are human beings with souls. Stop being Geppetto.
18. Compliment sandwich. Compliment…What They Need To Work On…Compliment.
19. Anyone can have incredible looking sex with a director. Porn isn’t real. She’s looking into a camera, not your eyes.
20. Listen More… Speak Less. Comforting someone is more about the sides of your head instead of the front of it.
21. Less Selfies. Way less.  Cause for every person who tells you how beautiful you are, there are 5 more thinking how insecure you are.
22. Handwritten letters.
23. You had less than $10 in the bank account when you filled out the paperwork to adopt Losiah.  You will never be “ready” enough to take a risk.  Begin now.
24. Just Jump. Jump high, Jump far, Jump often.  Just Jump.
25. You can’t even roll a garden hose correctly. Don’t take yourself so seriously.
26. Lose the swag and gain some sweet. A smile and a hello will get you a lot farther in life than a snarl and a head bob.
27. Make sure everyone who leaves a conversation with you feels better about who they are than they did before the conversation. Don’t always be Mr. “I can fix them”. Nobody likes that guy.
28. It’s YOUR story. Not THEIRS. You hold the Sharpie and you get to write it.
29. SLOW. DOWN. It’s not a sprint. But it’s not a marathon either. If your answer to “How are you doing?!” is always…”Crazy man!” or “Slammed. So busy.” Then you are living wrong.
30. Your way isn’t the right way. It’s just your way. Let them find their way.
31. Half a bottle of wine, a slew of curse words, and a tearful prayer is just as much having church as a few worship songs and a 3 point sermon.
32. Revenge is for the weak. Grace is for the strong.
33. Rescue others more often than you save yourself. You may find your own salvation in the healing of others.
34. If you haven’t gotten into a fist fight by the time you are 21… get into one. If you are past 21… don’t.
35. Restorative instead of punitive. Any system that seeks to punish instead of restore is focused on the punisher.
36. When you get home spend 5 straight minutes within 5 feet of your spouse. Sounds lame but more make outs and conversations happen when you do that.
37. It’s God’s kindness that leads to repentance. Not shame, guilt, beating yourself up or an obstacle course. Simply God’s kindness. That. Changes. Everything.
38. Any tattoo you get before 30 you will probably regret. Wait for the right idea and the right artist. It will cost more money but cost less regret.
39. Make sure you feel your heart pound in your chest everyday.  Whether from a run, a kiss, or a risk.  Make.  It.  Pound.
40. Daily saturation in the disruptive and radical grace of Jesus. Not religion. Not church. Not small groups. Just Jesus.

It’s better that way…