I’m gonna admit it.
I’m a flying diva.
I sit in first class 80% of the time only because I get upgraded cause I fly way too much.
And if I don’t I’m usually a window seat exit row guy.
Plan plan plan and you can avoid what happened to me yesterday.
So if by chance you happen to get a middle seat next to a neck bender…here are 5 tips to make your flight more tolerable.

1. When you see that before the plane even takes off, their forehead is already facing the ceiling and their mouth is agape and eyes shut, go ahead and grab that fake phone call where you laugh really loud at the fake joke your spouse just told you.
2. Realize that the neck bender will never bend their head towards the aisle. They will always bend towards you. If you don’t begin precautionary measures, then your screwed.
3. Don’t try the armrest wiggle. By the point that the neck bender is inching his or her way towards your dome, they have lost all feelings in their limbs therefor a stronger tactic is needed. Try sneezing uncontrollably for 5 seconds. If that doesn’t work try the next step.
4. If by chance you realize that the neck bender is not going to wake up, go ahead and give into your personality. If you are passive aggressive like me, you aren’t going to wake them up and tell them to grab a neck pillow. So go ahead and recline and allow them to completely miss your shoulder. The only problem with this move is that they could end up in your lap. If you are more of a straight shooter, you could wake them and suffer the consequences of the conversation.
5. Lastly you could just do what I did. Instagram the moment and laugh the remainder of the flight reading everyones comments. This presents those of you in love with the selfie to take them with the guise of shooting the neck bender.

This neck bender didn’t wake up until we landed, parked, and every single person in front of us had deplaned.
And I had to wake him up.
“Woah man. I don’t remember even falling asleep.”
I whispered to myself…”13,000 of my friends remember…” and I walked to my next gate.

How about you guys.
Is this your worst nightmare?
Do you have any crazy plane stories?