[This is Jeff Henderson. The best leader I’ve ever worked for. To learn a few tips on how to lead a team simply follow this guy]

I’ve worked under many bosses.
From Baskin Robbins to Kroger to little church to big church and on and on.
Some horrible and some amazing.
A few things that the big kahuna’s need to know.

1. Don’t Be A Psychic.
When you think something we did was amazing, tell us. We can’t read your mind. And when you tell us, it literally will motivate us for weeks on end. Even months.
2. Pop Your Bubble.
People think by making it hard to get to you they are “protecting you”. No. What they are doing it making you a deity instead of a human and frustrating the hell out of us. Instead of protecting you from everyone, just protect you from the crazy staff guy or gal. We all know who they are.
3. Look at us not past us. One tiny glance around our shoulder in the middle of a conversation ends the conversation. Even if it was an accident. We already know there are more important things and people you have to get to. But 60 seconds of eye contact will give you 6 weeks of focus.
4. … [Answer in the comments]

Thanks to all the amazing leaders out there who have shown me what 60 seconds of focus can do.
OK. Fill in #4.