Yesterday morning I was having coffee at The Perch.
There was a table next to me.
I saw this elderly woman make eye contact with the table, and begin her journey to claim it.
About 2 second before claiming the table, this loud, obnoxious, business man having a very loud conversation with his bluetooth swooped in for the steal.
Without even blinking he plopped his bag down and said…”Sorry lady. Too slow.”
She dropped her head and started walking away.

I looked at this guy, who was still engulfed in his conversation, put my hand on his table and said, VERY LOUDLY…
“DUDE. That was ridiculous. You’re a jerk.”
“Excuse me?!!! You want to say that again?!!”
“Yes. OK. That was ridiculous and you are a jerk.”
I put my headphones on and kept pecking away.

About an hour later I walked out of the coffee shop, drove 75 in a 65, texted Heather while I was on the freeway and pulled into the mall parking lot.

A few things hit me.
1. Why didn’t I offer my seat to the old woman?
2. The guy was a jerk, but I was a jerk for telling him he was a jerk in the tone and way I told him.
3. I knowingly broke 2 laws while driving to the mall.
Who was I to cast my judgement on that man?
Was he a jerk?
Was it my duty to let him know?
But at the end of the day, that man knew more about how awful he was then how much he is loved.

After I parked I looked up and saw this “parking for expectant mothers” sign in the stall next to me.
I backed up…pulled into that stall…and snapped the above picture.
I asked the question to my instagram and Facebook friends, How bad of a sin was my sin?
To which I was lit up. 🙂
Obviously I excepted it.
Some pregnant mothers defended me, some threw stones, some laughed, some just thought what an AHole I was but didn’t thumb type it into their screens.

None of it bothered me.
Cause I just finished doing EXACTLY what everyone was doing to me.
And I asked for it.
I wondered if it bothered that man.
And I wondered what our role is when we see another sin.
How are we to point it out?
Would the people who quoted scripture at me have walked by me in the parking lot and quoted scripture at me?
Would the person telling me that my sin is provoking others to anger tell me this to my face?
Would it help?
Did it feel better to judge my sin?

So I’m not looking for a particular question as much as I’m looking for conversation.
What is our role in pointing out anthers sin?
Talk to me ragamuffins…
Oh. And I’m not letting you know if I moved back to the other parking stall.
I’ll let you know in heaven.