Worship leading is a dangerous profession.
Not anymore dangerous than anything else that inflates ego.
But dangerous none the less.
More often because the one asked to lead worship is normally asked because of one skill set.
If they read their Bible it’s a plus but that is more of a question asked than a lifestyle critiqued.
Normally there are auditions which judge the musical skill set and maybe if the congregation is lucky a question or two about their relationship with God.
So the danger I’m speaking of here is not for the person leading worship per sé, but rather for those being led in worship.
Humor me for a moment.
What if the credentials for leading a congregation in musical worship were as rigorous as the credentials for leading a congregation in teaching?
Is this me simply being romantic?
Or should we honestly pull our head out of the sand and realize that we are handing over half of a Sunday morning service to people who are better at singing than they are at leading in Jesus?
If a worship leader is saturating daily in the rich truths of the Gospel, ego is squashed.
Same with any role in the church.
Have we decided that vocal skills trumps spiritual skills?