I was talking with my friend Ann a few weeks ago and we got to talking about platforms, tribes, and building your brand ect. All the rage on social media.

I have a book coming out in March.  

You have records to promote.

We all have to pay the bills.

What better way than to build our tribes?!


When I asked her about building a platform I will remember her reaction as clearly as I will remember her words.

She laughed.

A very Ann laugh.  Full of holy thunder. Then she said…

“Build OUR platform?  We are actually called to destroy OUR platform and build HIS.”

And so began the paradigm shift in my head and heart.


He must increase, but I must decrease. – John 3:30


I’m not a pastor of a church.  My bills are not going to be paid by telling people to stop booking me to speak or lead worship or to stop reading my blog.


What if the platform we are building is built on Christ alone?  I think then, it becomes HIS. And people will see HIM ALL OVER YOU.

You don’t need to just write about God or sing about God in order for John 3:30 to be true in your life.

Write about horse racing.  Write about your fascination with Skittles.  Write about business.  Write about writing.  Write about comets.  You don’t have to sprinkle Jesus all over your skittle posts.  But I do know one thing…

When we are decreasing and Christ in increasing…

It.  Is.  Obvious.

So let’s give it a try why don’t we.