The first question normally asked when meeting someone new is simple.

“So what do you do?”

And so begins the dripping of the paint on the floor that will soon paint you into your preverbal corner.

I hate that question.


Because instead of HUMAN BEINGS we become HUMAN DOINGS.


Hi.  I’m Carlos.  And I’m a worship leader.

I’m really good at it.  I’ve paid all my bills the last 15 years of my life doing it.  And I could probably do it the rest of my life.

But a friend once asked me one of the most important questions I’ve ever been asked.

“When people come up to you, in the airport, at a conference, at a church, what is it they thank you for?”

That question shook something deep within me.

Because 9 times out of 10, they thank me for something I said or wrote that changed their perspective of life.

Not for a song I wrote.

Not for a melody I sang.

Can I write great songs?  Yes.

Can I write good hooks? Sure.

But when I stepped away from being a Human Doing, and looked at myself as a Human Being, everything changed.


I’ve been blogging here for almost 9 years.

I’ve had lots of offers to write books.

I always thought… “Nah.I’m a blogger.  I write paragraphs not pages.

And what I learned was that was simply God protecting me from writing the wrong book.

I would have written some lame book about worship leading.  About how to be creative.  Blah Blah Boring.

Not those topics per se, but that was my painted in corner.

Then a few years ago, after I almost lost everything to sin and self, and after the Lord renewed my heart to face His face alone, He opened my eyes to what I NEEDED to write.


Ragamuffin Soul, let me introduce you to my ethos, heartbeat, and 56,000 words of blood, sweat, and lots of tears.

Moment Maker – You can live your life or your life will live you

Not only a book but a way of life.

A way of life that I’ve been letting you peek into from the kitchen window on this blog for years but now open the front door and invite you into this crazy lifestyle.

A life where we create, receive, and rescue moments.

A life where we realize that life’s too big to fit in a bucket list.

A life where I help you and I seize every opportunity we can, on a daily basis, and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

This isn’t a book about bungee jumping, sky diving, or planning the biggest flash mob in history.

Those are fine and dandy, and we touch on that in the book, but this book is about how we take the simple, everyday moments we have been given, the good, and bad ones, and squeeze every last drop of life out of them.

And the fantastic thing?

We have the perfect teacher.

Jesus Christ.

We will study His life and see how He took normal and turned it into captivating.

Whether you believe Jesus is God or not, you can’t deny He was the ultimate Moment Maker.  I happen to believe He is but that won’t keep you from this book.

When we open our eyes to His truths, we begin to see that you don’t have to chase some huge dream in order to live a monumental life.

That life is already under your feet not 1000 miles away.


I’ve been dying to let you guys into this for a LOOOOONG time.

And it’s time.

I have an AMAZING team at Zondervan and The Fedd Agency that have held my hand as I’ve kicked and screamed my way to this manuscript. And it will be in your hands late March.


And the chief Moment Maker in my family, Heather, got her hands on the first printed pages and bound it for me like the Moment Making architect that she is.

For those of you that have missed her blog, well this book is dripping with her fingerprints.


Yes there will be a time to buy, preorder, and tell the world.

That’s not today.

Today is simply a time for me to tell you thank you.


Who’s ready to become a Moment Maker with me?

Let’s do this.