10.  I will lessen the amount of WooooahOoooohs I try and make my church sing by 50%.

9.    I will wake up every morning and say…”My name is __________.  My name is not Joel Houston/Kim Walker”

8.    I will get better by watching video of myself and critiquing all of the accidentally blasphemous things I say.

7.  I will READ MY FREAKING BIBLE more than I try and memorize lyrics.

6.  I will NOT ASK THE CHURCH…”You guys ready to worship?!!!” anymore.

5.  I will not be the token late staff member and use the excuse “I’m an artist”

4.  I will STOP being so emo and START smiling so my church doesn’t think they are at a hipster house show.

3.  I will say NO to the GREEN ROOM and YES to the LOBBY.

2.  I will let my church be MY CHURCH and stop trying to make them THAT CHURCH.

1.  I will love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, and mind.

Let’s do this…

Add your own…