So I thought I’d put up our living room decor so you guys can see what a homemaking/decorating wife boss my wife is.
She finds junk and turns it into jewels.
She does that with people too. Like me!
Many of you used to love her blog Whittaker Woman.
Well, we all know she hasn’t blogged in years and I know you guys have missed her inspiration. So I’m going to try and throw some of her stuff on here every once and a while.
But what I honestly love about my wife, is she doesn’t design our home for Pinterest, but for us.
But I think she’s a badass so I’ll Pinterest it for her. 😉

The Tree

I LOVE our tree this year.  It’s taken on a woodsy theme.
I was a little skeptical of her not putting all of the kids decorations on it that I “felt” she always puts on it, but she corrected me and told me that those haven’t been on our big tree in years. Apparently I pay real good attention.
Those are on the other tree.
And apparently we have an “other” tree as well.

I love it.  From the plaid bags she found a few weeks ago at some estate sale to the hymn wrapped around the tree.  It’s freaking gorgeous.

The Front Door Desk

This thing.  Every time I open the door I don’t see this rad desk, I see me lifting this thing up and getting it onto the truck and then into my house.  But alas, it’s gorgeous.
The birdcage is large enough that we use it to stick the children in it when they are misbehaving.
Once we bought the padlock it works perfectly.

The Book Spinner

I remember the day for this one as well.
It was in this back alley in Sylvan Park.
It was completely disassembled.
I remember arguing…

“Baby. I can’t even put a brand new IKEA book shelf together. How the hell am I supposed to put this thing together? It won’t even fit in the back of the car. C’mon babe. Let’s just skip this one.”

Nope. And here it stands.

With books in it and pictures of our first 13 Christmases together.

The Coffee Table

OK.  So it’s not really a coffee table.  It’s an old metal file cabinet flipped on it’s side.
And every once and a while a kid will almost impale their face on the corner.
But it looks AMAZING.
And with her little bulb strand/antler/thingy in the middle it makes the whole room inviting…

The West Wall

My fav wall in the house.
Because it is always changing and it’s such an amazing canvas to show our family history.
Right now it’s filled with knick knacks and treasures of years gone by.
The little details like a picture of our family spraying graffiti on the Cadillacs on I-40 past Amarillo, TX and then one of the spray paint cans next to the picture.
I love it.

And all of those wood box things.
I don’t know how she hung them on the wall.
But I know if I had done it, they would all be on the ground by now surrounded by our broken memories and Peoples Choice Award. 🙂

The East Wall

The most surprising wall for me.
Again, a moment of…”Why do you want me to drag that dead branch into the house?
This is why.
Set on top of a huge black and white canvas print of a Christmas tree.
She then strung a vintage light strand across the tree.
The sled and tin filled with wood to finish the effect.

The Illegal Pic

And I snuck a pic of the back wall in the kitchen…
This pic was illegal but I made it past her with my paparazzi skills cause I love it so much!

Since Heather has no desire to blog/pinterest/tweet/whatever… I set up a board on my page you guys can follow…

She not only decorates my house, but she decorates my life.
Hope you enjoyed it!!!