This was our workout this morning at 5am at Crossfit West Nashville.
The reason I wanted to upload this is to debunk the myth that all crossfitters look like Rich Froning look like Sam Briggs.

We don’t.  This is what my crew looks like…

We look like you, me, and everyone else in this picture and video.

Would I like to look like Rich Froning?  Sure!  But that’s not the goal.
The goal is to be the best version of Carlos Whittaker there is.

If you watch everyone in the video you realize that people are modifying all of the skills.
Some are coming up from burpees to their knees and some straight to their feet.
Some are stepping on the box and some are jumping.
Some squat super low on their wall balls and some not so low.
Everything is modified to YOUR ability.
Everybody has things they can work on and we cheer each other on daily.
And the improvements to every facet of our lives have been unreal.
So to all of you thinking you are too old/fat/weak/whatever to improve your health…
Think again.

It’s better that way…