When I pulled up to Starbucks this morning I was looking for a parking spot and there were none.
But I saw a man leaning in a minivan and so I waited.
Then he leaned back out, shut the door and walked back by me.
“#$@!” I thought.
Then I saw him get into another car and start digging around.
“This guy is trying to kill me with my own inpatience” I said out loud.
He walked back into Starbucks and I pulled around to the back of the store for my miserable first world problem of having to walk an extra 50 feet.
“Daddy. My hot chocolate is cold” was the first thing I heard when I walked in the door.
The man with 2 cars had the most beautiful, blonde haired boy.
His son’s hair was looooong.
“Ok kiddo. I’ll get them to warm it up.”

I don’t know what drew me to this man and his kid, but I was straight up stalking by now.
“Mommy. I don’t wanna leave yet.” the boy said to his mom.
“Sorry Josiah. Tell daddy bye. I have to get to work.”

The hug was longer than what a kid that would see their dad at the end of the day would normally be.
The boy looked just like his dad.
He was about 9.
Tears flowed…

“See you next Tuesday son.”

And with that, the broken hearted boy walked out the door with his broken hearted mom, all the while staring at his broken hearted dad and crying silent tears.
And the dad put his head on the table and weeped.

This is the unreal part.
I’m still a bit blown away that this happened.
Not 5 minutes later a man walked in the door and sat with the divorced/seperated dad.
After about 90 seconds of small talk I heard…”So we are going to have to ask you to resign.”
And the dad didn’t argue.
Almost like he knew.
I waited for the “boss” to walk out and I said…

“Hey man. There was a season in my life I had to do the same thing with my kids. But there’s hope. I promise.”
That’s all I could figure to say. My story condensed in 1 sentence followed by a sentence of hope.
“Thanks man.” and he walked out.

This holiday season isn’t filled with sugar plum dreams for everyone.
So maybe, just maybe, your 1 sentence story can give hope to someone.
You never know.
I’ll never know.
But it would be a sin to not share it.
So share it.
It may be someone’s last chance.
And it’s the greatest gift you own.