Yesterday I got an email from a person who has been “following” me online for years. The email read, and I got permission to share this…
“Hey Los. What’s up man. I need to apologize to you for something. I’ve been really bitter at you for the past 2 years. I don’t even know why. I thought you were so stuck on yourself and were full of shit. But then a few weeks ago, I met you in person in the lobby at my church, and you talked to me for 5 minutes and never mentioned anything about yourself. You just talked about me. Please forgive me for being angry with you.
God Bless.
[Insert name here]”

After a few emails back and forth I really got to thinking about this.
Initially I thought this guy was nuts.
I mean who can be “angry” with someone they have never met or had communication with?
And then I thought…
Um…We all can.

Here’s the deal friends…
Every day we are going to show each other awesome things we are doing.
Big awesome things and little awesome things.
And then every so often, we will show unawesome things, that actually are awesome enough to show.
We spit out our desires.
The truths we spit out on this web of socialness are simply that.
Who we wish we were all the time.

For every beautiful or hustle filled tweet there is a moment of a forehead pressed against the wall in the shower thinking…”I’m not gonna make it. This isn’t gonna work.”
Your social media crush isn’t as brave as they seem or as weak as they portray.

If you want to call my tweets filled with who I desire to be “full of shit”.
Then yes. I actually am full of shi*.
And so are you.
But we are also full of awesomeness.

(notice how I put an asterisk in when I say the word but not when I’m quoting someone? I’m such a good Christian!!!)

So spread that manure in the fields around you and it will end up helping people grow.
Keep it all around you and you end up simply smelling like…