I’ve been 40 for 4 months.
Here are 4 things that have made my 40’s better than any decade I’ve ever existed in.

1. I stopped trying to fix my marriage and finally fixed myself.

Why did it take me this long to figure it out? I wish with everything inside of me someone would have let me know that the way to a fantastic marriage isn’t through focusing on you and your spouses health. It’s by getting as healthy as YOU can get. The healthier you get, the healthier your marriage gets.
Yes. Go on date nights. Do things that grow you BOTH.
But ultimately, you are only capable of being responsible for one human being. Yourself.
Pray for their healing. ACT on your healing.

2. I stopped believing in Jesus.

I did. Seriously. And it scared the hell out of me.
But, it also corrected so many of my jacked up views on who He was.
I purposely gave up everything I ever knew about my faith…to the point there was nothing left…and began to rebuild it based on the essentials.
I gave up every sermon, class, and teaching that was blocking my views of the truth of who Christ is.
Then I began to bring back what was essential.
And what were these essentials?
And after reading the scriptures I found this man named Jesus that didn’t look like the Ultimate Warrior I could never live up to.
He became a Savior that found strength out of a weakness that looked a lot like my weakness.
He looked like me. And he was suddenly more accessible than He had ever been.
That’s as far as I’ve gotten. There will be more to grasp in the coming months and years, but today, that’s what I’ve got.

3. I stopped living the afternoon of my faith by my morning practices.

This is a super deep way of saying that it’s ok to shift and move in the way you connect with God.
In the morning of my faith I did “quiet times”.
In the morning of my faith I listened to 4 sermon podcasts a week to “learn”.
In the morning of my faith I would “lead people in worship”.
In the afternoon of my faith I am having “Loud Times”.
In the afternoon of my faith I am listening to a sermon every 2 weeks or so. Maybe. 🙂
In the afternoon of my faith I am ”walking beside people in worship”.

4. I stopped trying to lose weight and started trying to move weight.

You all know I joined the Crossfit community.
And why it helped me is because I had tried diets and gym memberships my entire life.
Instead community and coaches finally made it all click.
Paying a little bit more money and having a few people invested in my health has made the weight I needed to go away, go away quickly.
And now I’m more concerned about moving more and more weight WITH my body as opposed to IN my body.

So there you have it. It’s been a great 4 months already.
If I haven’t said it in a while, I really appreciate everyone that stops by here.
I’ve been writing here for 8 years. EIGHT YEARS.
And I appreciate every single one of you that has made this community one of the best places to get real on the internet.

So if you are scared of getting older…
Be more scared of staying where you are.
It’s better that way.

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