Here are the reasons why I can’t stand Richard Sherman.

1. He is a Seahawk.
2. He is a Seahawk.
3. He is a Seahawk.
4. He Is A Seahawk
5. He is a Seahawk.

I thought it was because this son of a garbage man from South Compton screamed like a crazy person at the camera and is full of himself, but I woke up this morning with a realization.

When I was 25 and just finished an amazing worship set in front of a few thousand people, I more than likely walked off the stage and me and my band went nuts about our “giftedness” in the name of Jesus.
Thanks God there wasn’t twitter when I was 25.

Cause every Sunday I see my timeline filled with preachers pretty much sounding like Sherman.
The only difference is that they add a caveat of God sprinkled in throughout.

The people that attend said pastors congregations are bathing in the gloriousness of said tweet while the rest of the world reads said tweets and rolls eyes.

It’s no different.
We are no different.

I’m rooting for the Bronco’s because I can’t stand the Seahawks.
Because the Seahawks make my Falcons look like a PeeWee team.
And they are a bit full of themselves.

But it’s not because of Richard Sherman anymore.
Because if it’s because of Richard Sherman…
Then I realize I can’t be a fan of myself anymore.
Cause I think I’m great.

Oh wait.
Sorry bout that.

What are your Monday thoughts on Sherman?