Last night after my wife fell asleep I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I saw something that made my male hormones go into overdrive.
I mean from zero to hero in 2 seconds flat.

The banner on the side of my screen did it’s job.

Heather was sound asleep.
Like she doesn’t wake up in an earthquake.
And so I stared at the “not totally inappropriate image” (What I was telling myself) that was obviously “inappropriate for me” (What I should have been telling myself) and thought about clicking it to inspect further.  One click wouldn’t take me anywhere too bad.  Right?
And then I said out loud…

“That’s someone’s sister, daughter, mother, friend. And they are sad.”

It’s not a magic pill.
But boy did it diffuse the false sense of provocativeness I was feeling coming from my screen.
So I rolled over, wrapped my left leg over my wife’s legs and breathed on her neck.
This lasted all of 2 seconds.
She sleep cussed at me, stuck her butt violently into my ribcage, and my moment of spooning was over.
But so was my moment of pretending someone looking at a piece of glass on the front of a camera was actually looking at me.

Whatever it takes people.
Darkness to Light.
It’s better that way.