When our time comes, and it will, there won’t be a U-Haul behind our hearse.
We ain’t takin anything with us.
But we are leaving tons.
And I can’t think of anything better to leave on this earth than human beings that are literally DRIPPING in the love we bathed them in.
This week is Valentine’s week.
Some of you celebrate it. Some don’t.
But whether you do or you don’t…
Here are 3 ways you can celebreate the little girls in your life and set them up for success when choosing a man that isn’t you.
Cause that day IS COMING!!!
Let’s make all their future suitors have to be BALLERS in order to win their hearts.
Here are 3 simple things you can do this week to build into your daughters hearts

1. Draw her a picture.

Listen. They do it for us. And normally they are horrible drawings.
But truth be told…they got their artistic skills from us.
Spend 15 minutes on a picture…
I can promise you this.
That 15 minutes of poor artistic expression will last years in her heart.
Sohaila is still rocking my pic I drew her over her bed.
15 minutes.
Do it now.

2. Write them a love note on the face of some BORING WORK RELATED PAPER.

Like meeting notes/agendas.
Like printed out HR nonsense.
Like a receipt from a business lunch.
Write on that said piece of paper how you were thinking of them THAT VERY MOMENT.
The very moment you were getting informed about the new copay reduction.
The very moment you were supposed to be listening to 1st quarter sales projections.
The very moment you were sitting at the deli at the corner by your office eating that yummy sandwich.
At that moment.
Right then.
They were on your mind.

3. Get A Sharpie Tattoo

Heather and I tried and tried to get our kids to stop writing on themselves.
Alas, we are failures at this thing called parenting.
So why not join the fun.
When you get home, don’t show them right away.
Let them randomly find it and then let them know how many people at work asked them about it and how proud you were to display their MARK all day!!!

Being a #MomentMaker isn’t about spending money.
Being a #MomentMaker is all about spending focus.

Lets shower the little or not so little girls in our lives with some love this week!!!
If your daughter is 3,5,15,25,or 55…
It’s never too early or late to spill it on them!!!

It’s better that way.

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