I tweeted this a few weeks ago…




It was 140 characters. It wasn’t a book on what the church is. So therefor I got lit up.




I soon realized after a few more conversations similar to the one above that we have a definition problem.
Not a church problem.


I was having dinner with my friends Don and Betsy on Monday night.
Monday happened to be the day he wrote this blog post.

Monday night happened to be the day his phone was getting LIT UP by shame throwers (Get it. Flame throwers. Shame throwers?! HAHAHA I”M SO FUNNY!)
I digress.
I totally get it.
I totally get where he is.

I’m a worship leader who leads worship at very large churches.
The songs I sing at those churches move me less and less.
This isn’t a bad thing.
This is a human thing.
We become numb to repetition.
It’s ok.
It’s why we have addd smoke and haze and stuff.
And it’s why our kids will have smoke and haze and stuff at their “traditional 8:30am services”.

When I’m home I attend Crosspoint.tv

Here is why.

1. Pete, the preacher guy, is one of my best friends and I think he speaks old truths in new and simple ways.
2. My kids freaking LOVE it.
3. My kids freaking LOVE it.
4. My kids freaking LOVE it.
5. I get to hug some necks of some people in the lobby that I probably havent seen in months and won’t see again for months.
6. My kids freaking love it.

See what’s happening there?
It’s not rocket science.
Not a lot

I honestly do not believe that Jesus Christ meant that driving to a church building on a Sunday morning means church.
I mean it CAN’T be that simple right?
Hebrews 10:25 says this…

25 not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

I whole heartily agree Hebrews writer dude. Whoever you are.
But does this mean it has to be in a building with a steeple (or cool helvetica font sign) and sitting in rows listening to a sermon and singing some songs?
Absolutely not.
Does this men it can be in a building with a steeple (or cool helvetica font sign) and sitting in rows listening to a sermon and singing some songs?

Yesterday my friend Ed wrote a fantastic article where he responded to some of Don’s thoughts on the church.
You can read that here.

After reading it, and acknowledging that Ed is WAY smarter than I, I came to the conclusion that I wrote about earlier.
We have a definition problem, not a local church problem.
Check out this picture…

This is who Don builds his business and does life with on a daily basis.
That’s how Don says he connects with God.
And guess what?
This is a church.
Before you blast my non seminary, 9 years to graduate from college and still have 3 classes to take to make it official, self…
I’ve found that the local church is defined as a local assembly of believers or a congregation that meets together physically for worship, fellowship, teaching, prayer and encouragement in the faith.
That’s what this crew is.
That’s what me, Blake, Pete, Heather, Ally, Brandi, JT, Natalie, and our kids do when we gather together.
And we do this regularly.
It doesn’t have an address.
So I guess it’s kind of rave church.

I still love Sunday mornings.
I love that I get to see and be a part of what is happening on a global level in the “Sunday” version of church.
But if that is where your definition ends, I feel less worried about definitions and more worried about the story you are living.
Because nothing great was ever built in one hour on a Sunday.
As Bob says…
DOING is much better than SITTING.
So get out and DO something with the bride of Christ today.
You may just end up…
Having Church.